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Jewellery Spelling in Australia: Jewellery vs Jewelry

Jewellery Spelling in Australia: Jewellery vs Jewelry - La Musa Jewellery

Jewellery vs Jewelry: How do you spell it?

The English language can be a source of confusion, especially when it comes to spelling variations across different regions. One such example is the word "jewellery" and its counterpart "jewelry." While they both refer to the same beautiful adornments, their spelling differs based on where you are. In this blog post, we will shed light on this spelling conundrum, exploring the history and regional preferences of these two spellings for the beloved pieces of personal adornment.

Origin and History

The word "jewel" has its roots in Old French "jouel" and Middle English "juel." Over time, it evolved into "jewelry" in American English and "jewellery" in British English. The variance in spelling can be attributed to the gradual development of the English language on both sides of the Atlantic and the influence of other languages on vocabulary.

The British & Australian Spelling: Jewellery

In British English, the traditional and widely accepted spelling is "jewellery." This spelling has become deeply ingrained in British culture and is used across the United Kingdom, including England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, as well as in many other Commonwealth countries including Australia.

The American Spelling: Jewelry

On the other side of the Atlantic, American English prefers the spelling "jewelry." This variant emerged as part of the Americanization of the English language during the country's history. Over time, the spelling was solidified and has been widely adopted throughout the United States and Canada.

Global Variations

Apart from the British and American spellings, there are several other English-speaking countries where either spelling might be used, and both are generally understood. This global variation can be attributed to historical influences and the adoption of different spelling conventions in various regions.

Why the Difference?

The divergence in spelling between "jewellery" and "jewelry" is an example of the broader phenomenon of British and American English having their distinct preferences for certain words. This can be attributed to factors such as the separation of the two cultures during colonial times, linguistic evolution, and cultural influences.


In conclusion, the spelling of "jewellery" and "jewelry" is a prime illustration of the subtle differences that exist between British and American English. While the former is widely used in British English and Commonwealth countries, the latter is prevalent in American English. However, both spellings refer to the same exquisite pieces of personal adornment that have been cherished by people across the globe for centuries.

Ultimately, whether you spell it "jewellery" or "jewelry," the beauty and significance of these cherished accessories remain unchanged. So, the next time you encounter either spelling, rest assured that both are valid and accepted forms, reflecting the richness and diversity of the English language itself.

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